Growing Strong.
Miegos is now the leading brand for organic compost in Egypt the entire Middle East & North Africa.

Miegos compost is your ultimate choice for a healthy fertile soil. It comes in a variety of products, each is crafted to suit your needs.

Miegos Compost is an Egyptian company based in Cairo. Part of Outgreens Group that aims to improve the daily lives of millions by implementing sustainable solutions and environment-friendly alternatives. Outgreens services range from clean energy solutions like solar and wind energy up to waste management and composting.


Miegos compost is made with special attention to achieving the best results in the shortest time possible. Our research team is always investigating better, efficient and sustainable ways to make our products efficient and productive.


Our help team is always happily ready to answer all your questions and inquiries about our products and their usage. We always make sure to be reachable in the most convenient and reliable ways.


Miegos tries to make life easier. That’s why we offer delivery service to all over Egypt. You can always reach us and our team will walk you through the simple process of getting exactly what you want delivered to wherever place you are.

Best or Nothing

Our compost is a promise of quality. It’s made with serious adherence to standards to deliver nature’s best to you. Not only compost, but all our products are 100% organic with no compromise in terms of matter, quality, or pureness.

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